Anthem Kingz/Andy Visceral

Internationally recognized as Canada’s #1 remix DJ team, Anthem Kingz productions can be heard in sets of DJs around the world. Ranks #1 on the all time sales list on, the world’s top source for remixes and mashups, there is no question that these guys know what party people want to hear.

Through the success & popularity of their remix coupled by their top notch technical DJ skills, Anthem Kingz have toured Canada, The US and Asia electrifying crowds with their high energy, cross genre performances leaving them hungry for more. From hip hop to house to Rock and everything in between, you can expect to hear all of your favorite songs in ways you’ve never heard them before.

A music enthusiast above all else, Andy Visceral (formerly DJ Trendz) shares his passion with the crowd in his own unique way each and every time he steps in the DJ booth. As an open format DJ, no genre is off limits and only the energy from the crowd can determine the direction that each of his sets will go. Whether it’s an electronic event, top 40, hiphop, reggae, or even retro he’s perfectly comfortable and well-versed in all of them.

2013 saw Andy give original production a shot, working alongside Bosa of the Anthem Kingz; the duo soon had their first Beatport release, titled the Highrise EP on Wonked Records.

With the music industry and fashion industry so interwoven it should come as no surprise that he’s also been involved in Toronto Fashion week events, notably having played the Bench fashion show. Andy has had the pleasure of opening for Canadian acts such as Mia Martina, Aleesia, Kreesha Turner and also played for some high profile crowds including the likes of Belinda Stronach, and UFC star Georges St. Pierre.


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