Electronic Park Artist Lineup


Stereo Bangers

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, The Stereo Bangers themselves are DJ Ferrari and DJ Ojibwe, who are a part of Crooklyn Clans Remix website, Cracks4djs.net and have their own group. Not only do The Stereo Bangers provide great music, but their age difference between them allows past and present…


Jason Farquhar

With a love for music and a unique style all his own, Jason Farquhar, has taken the definition of EDM and turned it into an ever changing, living, musical ensemble that captures the heart, mind and soul. Today Jason can be found collaborating and supporting local/International talent. With the release…


Anthem Kingz/Andy Visceral

Internationally recognized as Canada’s #1 remix DJ team, Anthem Kingz productions can be heard in sets of DJs around the world. Ranks #1 on the all time sales list on CrooklynClan.net, the world’s top source for remixes and mashups, there is no question that these guys know what party people…