About Electronic Park Accomadations


It is with a heavy heart that we must break this news to you. Electronic Park Music Festival will be put on hiatus until further notice.

The saturation of the festival circuit has left us with a sad conclusion that in order for us to be able to maintain our experience and standard that was EPMF, we would have to be financially more stable to keep up with the rising prices of talent.

Coming from a background of smaller events in Europe, we attempted to cater to the electronic dance culture here in Canada, but alas we cannot justify that price inflation. 
For us it has always been about the experience and the music, which is why we refuse to sell tickets for $150+.

Those who have purchased tickets will be reimbursed. Those who have won tickets can contact us for a special package so they don’t go home empty handed.

The first edition of EPMF was absolutely fantastic and we could not have been more grateful of everyone that attended. We really felt the love that day and will never forget the smiles on all your lovely faces.

We do urge for our beloved fans to go to the Extreme Concerts page to stay updated with any upcoming events.

Thank you for your support.

-The EPMF Team.